Use Zoom – Quick Check and Run Through

Quick Check

We recommend that you check the following to minimize issues with using Zoom. We also recommend that you ask your students to test Zoom before the class. See Zoom test instructions.

Make sure you sign in to start your scheduled meeting so you are the host
Check microphone and speaker
Check camera
Decide how to manage participants
Keep Zoom chat window open

Check Microphone and Speaker

Check that you are not muted. The mic icon will have a red line if muted. Hit the up arrow key to choose your preferred microphone and speaker especially if you have multiple devices connected that function as microphone/speaker.

Use Zoom Check Mic and Speaker

Check Camera

If you see a black screen, make sure nothing is covering your camera. Some webcams may have a privacy cover. Hit the up arrow key to choose your camera if you have multiple cameras connected like an integrated laptop webcam and an external USB webcam.

Use Zoom Check Camera

Decide how to manage participants

For classes with a large number of students, you may want to ‘Mute Participants on Entry’ and uncheck ‘Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves’. If you do this, please pay attention to the Zoom Chat and the Participants windows should a student ask a question or try to get your attention. Know how to change the settings so you can prevent disruption and allow interaction as needed.

Decide how to manage participants

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Chat Window

Keep the chat window open if you mute participants so they can ask their questions via chat.

Use Zoom Chat Window

Using Zoom

Share Screen

There are many different sharing options. Most basic will be sharing your PowerPoint, the whole screen or a Whiteboard. Explore the ‘Advanced’ tab should you need other sharing options. Decide on how you would like to manage sharing and know how to change the settings during your session. Please see Zoom’s Sharing your screen webpage for more information.

Use Zoom Share Screen

Example: Share PowerPoint presentation

Advanced Sharing Options

Use Zoom Advanced Sharing

Breakout Rooms

You can use this feature to hold sub groups discussions. Please be aware that if you are recording, only the main room will be recorded. Please see Zoom’s Getting Started with Breakout Rooms for more information.

Use Zoom Breakout Rooms


If you would like to record your meeting but did not set to record automatically when the meeting starts, you can click on the ‘Record’ button and select ‘Record to the Cloud‘.

Use Zoom Record